What I did at Christmas

Remember returning to school after the Christmas break? The teacher would announce "Now children, we are going to write an essay; What I did at Christmas"..."Please Miss, I have no idea what you did at Christmas"..."Just get on with it boy"!

Well, the beauty of photography is that we don't have to write a 1000 word essay. Needless to say we had a great time, plenty of everything, everyone had plenty. Of course anyone with children will know that it's a long, and I mean long, holiday: so we decided to take a four day trip with our friends to Cornwall just to break it up a bit. I did a quick shoot with their daughter and baby. Ok, it rained almost constantly, the wind blew, they get a lot of that sort of weather down there in Kernow, even on the rare occasion when the sun came out we still managed to get wet!

Anyway, rather than prattle on about photography and moan how I couldn't quite get the shot I wanted (one of my New Year's resolutions by the way), I thought I'd just post some photo's that best sum up what it was I did this Christmas, really they're just holiday snaps - A shot of my youngest grandchild, my children feature heavily, a few Street/Life photography (if you can call some surfers and a bloke walking his dog that!), our friends children, Amélie at the Pantomime and even one of me in Cornwall circa 1970 (note the wooden surfboards)...on we go then..."you there, pay attention at the back!" 

Where's the one of you circa 1970 then I hear you ask...sorry here it is, I'm front left -


I know, I know, it wasn't taken at Christmas, but I have happy memories of holidays in Cornwall and another was created this Christmas.

Anyway that about wraps it up. A vey Happy New year to everyone. Incidentally another New Year's resolution was to show only Black & White images...and another one bites the dust! I'm hoping to get back on the trail with the motorcycle in the coming weeks so a new blog will be coming soon which will be restricted to just Street/Life Photography. In the meantime I have a shoot with a family on Saturday which I'm looking forward to, fingers crossed the weather holds out, I'll hopefully post a few of those in my Home Page Latest Slideshow.

As usual I would be delighted to read any comments and my sincere thanks go to anyone taking the time to read my blog.

All images can be opened by clicking on the thumbnails and are taken using a Leica M with either a Summicron 35mm or Noctilux 50mm lens fitted (except the one my mum took!).