Shoot Out

In case anyone is in any doubt or remotely believes that gear can make a difference to photography here’s a short story; 

When we visited Toronto in August it was decided that we’d take a trip out to Niagara Falls. Whilst on the boat I grabbed some shots and my wife did the same, a kind of shoot out. The difference being that not only did she take charge of the children, but her photographic equipment consisted of an iPhone, mine was a Leica M with 35mm Summicron lens. We both posted our photos on Facebook, guess who was approached by the boat company with a request to use an image for their website and’s a clue, it wasn’t me! Her photo below with mine on the right -

Now, I don’t know what this says about my ability, I sort of know what I’m least thought I did! Sam's shot is infinitely better (even though I included the actual boat!), I knew as soon as she showed me that her image was the best. Perhaps I overthought things. It has to be said that if someone is paying £1,000 for a Wedding Shoot then they expect the photographer to have some gear so he at least looks the part; turning up with an iPhone may not inspire confidence and probably won’t cut iteither. Other than that gear can often be irrelevant. 

This week I’ve managed a couple of very short trips, to Bristol and Bath. No distance from my base so really not much in terms of motorcycling, although I enjoyed the ride, I always do. A big trip is needed and perhaps planning one is on the agenda. Anyway, here’s a few from Bristol -

...and below some from Bath. There are a few more here mainly because I wanted to demonstrate that I am actually taking quite a few shots and trying some different things. Of course some of these are for my own amusement. For example the Tattoo Shop, tattoos downstairs, tattoo removal upstairs or the dog sat outside the post office with a butchers shop next door and behind the dog some graffiti "Meat is Murder"! Small details that probably would go unnoticed on Social Media for example. As I always say, these thumbnails will enlarge if you click on them and you'll get a better idea of the framing.

In my defence I was in both cities photographing for around an hour. A lot longer is needed I feel, as my old school reports often said “John should make more effort”...and that was the good ones! 

I have been on record as saying that what ever happens, no matter how we feel, we must keep shooting. What’s the alternative? Give up photography? Not a chance, regardless I keep releasing that shutter. Mixed results it has to be said, at times it can be soul destroying, but we know that we’re not always going to capture “THE SHOT”. I post photos here, or anywhere else for that matter, not to say to the viewer “look at my photos aren’t I great”, but more to say “I’ve taken some shots, they’re ok, I’m trying to improve, what do you think?” Mostly though I’m simply trying to convey a feeling experienced at that moment. I’ll leave you with my usual fare, some of the children and a few from my morning walks with the dogs...the latter involve trees, a subject matter that I’ve been drawn back to recently. Firstly a couple of the children with some Autumn Colour-

...and some trees -

I suppose to improve my chances in the next "shoot out" I really need to go out and shoot! 

As usual I would be delighted to read any comments and my sincere thanks go to anyone taking the time to read my blog.

All images can be opened by clicking on the thumbnails and are taken using a Leica M with a Summicron 35mm or 50mm Noctilux lens fitted (apart from that iPhone shot which we don't need to mention any further!).