Project: Las Vegas Daylight

Las Vegas and in particular the Downtown area hold a special affection for me. I've been visiting this neon desert oddity for well over twenty years, usually annually and occasionally twice a year. It's a long haul getting to Vegas and actually being there can be hard work too, but worth all that pain!. Of course in financial terms it's absolutely ruinous, however the eclectic mix of tourists, gamblers and locals fascinates me. They can keep The Strip, in my opinion the place to be is Downtown; it's more "real" (if that's at all possible for Vegas) and in the cold light of day reveals all it's glory. Every morning I go for a photowalk primarily because you're not gambling so it saves money and secondly minimises the intake of Bloody Mary's! So with that in mind here are just a few of my  images, naturally this is an ongoing project and will last until I meet with that dealer in the sky who I would like  a serious word with!