Foggy Morning Walk

It's not all about motorcycles on this blog you know, photography is essentially the key here. Every morning, without fail, I take the dog and the camera for a walk across the fields. Weekends are different as the children are invited to join me. It's good for them, gives my wife a well earned break and helps me hone those photographic skills. My aim is always to produce a collection of images, as I would for a client shoot or wedding. The challenge I set myself on these outings is to create a small series of photographs without making hundreds of shutter releases. When I say "challenge" then believe me it really is, supervising a 7 year old, a 5 year old (who insists on bringing some kind of weapon from his arsenal) and an 18 month old Cocker Spaniel is, well lets just say; testing! Constantly having your eye to the viewfinder isn't the best form of control either, out of frame there are all sorts of goings on! For those who might be new to photography I think it's a great way to improve their technique; taking shots quickly whilst under pressure and limiting the amount of frames you click (for digital users 36 for example like a roll of film) which should assist in taking a little more time composing and thinking about the shot. A knowledge of composition, understanding the camera dials and settings so they become second nature is a prerequisite, exposure and focus should be set in a flash (so to speak!). Here's a few from Sunday morning's foggy walk along the river in Lacock, hopefully I achieved what I set out to do, admittedly the dog isn't in any, lord knows what he was up to!  They were all taken with a Leica M (240) and Noctilux 50mm lens. For a larger view simply click on the photo.

Tomorrow the motorbike comes out as I head off for Shaftesbury, Dorset in search of Gold Hill, hopefully some golden photo opportunities there...or not if this fog continues! Thank you for taking the time too view, if you'd like to leave a comment please do so below.